Be sure to click on photos to get the full effect.

JANE:  Here are some of the fish in one of the many tanks from floor to ceiling at Dubai Land, Dubai’s version of Disneyland, perhaps to be finished by 2020…

Koji studying the fish…

And then, an animal lurking among the palm trees in the Dubai desert:

Anyone know what kind of animal this is?

A “falcon show,” where the falcon appeared to be enjoying himself…it helps to be fed raw quail as inspiration.  (Dubai desert):

Mr. Falcon just came home after soaring freely above the desert.

And here’s an Arabian Oryx, (Dubai desert):

We rode a camel just after the sun set.  A man from the sidelines hollared, “lean back!!” when the camel moved from lying down to standing and vice-versa.  My head whacked Koji in the face when ours stood up…the motion is jerky and fast, like a slinky.  Guess Koji didn’t lean back enough?  I rode in the front, and it was easier to ride than a horse because that part of the body was narrower; Koji, sitting behind me, said the body was wider than where I was sitting.  Be sure and click on this photo to get the full effect:

Riding camels just after sunset when the hot, desert temperature has cooled off.

You will come across many cats if you take this trip.  Some of them really have the life.  There are also a myriad of what look to be wild dogs in Bangkok, yet they wear collars.  Some of them lounge directly in the sun.  How can they stand such intense heat?  I didn’t see one dog in Dubai…perhaps because 85 percent of the population are foreigners who only live there for a few years and, consequently, can’t keep a dog?

Krabi cat

This little sweetheart found a nice, shady recluse at a Buddhist temple in Bangkok.

Along one of the Bangkok long-boat canal tours, we stopped at a Buddhist temple where a monk gave us bread to feed the catfish:

This Buddhist monk handed us bread so we could feed the catfish, who came up next to our boat.

Frenzied catfish competing for food.

On one of our Bangkok day tours, Koji and I had the opportunity to visit a Thai home that was open to visitors and cool off, wearing a python as an accessory.  Why “cool?”  Their skin felt so cool (and smooth) compared to the 90+ degree (F) humidity.

Brave Bamba went first.

Later, this guy moved so fast, in an instant his face was right in front of mine. Ahhhh!

Never seen this type of duck before:

Ducks walking outside by Thai home by a river, open to visitors.

Monkeys on Maya Adventure.  Our tour guide wouldn’t let us leave the boat to feed the monkeys because their temperaments are unpredictable, and they will get angry in an instant.  We witnessed a group of them suddenly freak out, shriek, and race off into the jungle.  (Click on photos for full effect!)

Our tour guide fed the left-over fruit from lunch to these very, very hungry monkeys.


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