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At JFK, before we boarded the plane for Dubai, we ate TO DIE FOR crab cakes at The Palm, along with a delicious chicken salad and wine (Malbec).  I’d highly recommend this restaurant.  (It’s a chain.  Check it outttt!!!)

Our first dinner in the Dubai hotel was a light and spicy lobster/seafood bisque, homemade breads, mushroom salad with a delectable dressing, and white wine to complement the menu.

Homemade bread with 3 choices of butter. The middle one was a yummy mushroom butter.

Wine to complement the delicious taste of the food

Lobster/seafood bisque – Dubai style

I have never tasted such delicious dates in my life.  I bought some for Roy, and he devoured the whole box in one sitting.  The hummus and Syrian bread is also to die for.  (Dubai)

Hotels serve buffets for breakfast with a phenomenal selection.  The chefs must be preparing all night for these meals.  Here is only a small selection of the choices offered at the Address Dubai Mall Hotel:

Room service for dinner at Sukothai Hotel in Bangkok (10/1):

Those veggies were full of HOT, red peppers…


Oct. 23, 2012

Back in the daily groove at last.  Bought Trader Joe’s “Mid East Feast” for lunch today (falafels, hummus, tabouli, and pita bread) – just longing so much for the taste of the food that I had in Dubai.  It was nasty nasty!  Can never be duplicated.  Gotta go back for the real deal!  (The bread even tasted like cardboard.)


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