Adventure Hike – Koh Phi Phi (10/6)

Please click on photos to enlarge them and get the full effect.

JANE:  Koji and I forwent the Koh Phi Phi Explore adventure (had to look up the past tense of “forgo” and couldn’t believe it was “forwent”…please…!) and decided to go on our own adventure.  A monsoon was supposed to hit today, but luckily, it skipped by us to China.

After breakfast, we hiked a total of 3.5 hours along some shaded paths, but the heat was borderline unbearable along the beach to the trail leading to our destination, the “view point” that overlooked two bays.

The climb up to the top was about 40 minutes, but at my age and in the heat, I had to take it slow, particularly when the slope got steep (perhaps, at a 60 degree angle).

The only (major) problem was that every time I needed to stop and catch my breath, which was often, we’d get eaten alive by tiny black bugs and mosquitoes.  The terrain was jungle-like.

Just before we reached the top, I had to sit down.  We didn’t have enough water, and I was starting to feel faint.  I was hyper-ventilating because, for some reason, it felt good to breathe this way.  We took turns checking our heartbeat rates.  Mine was 140 per minute at the peak.  We waited until it went down to 116.  (When we got home and were rested, it lowered to 80.)

So…here’s the view from the top of the outlook.  It was spectacular and would have been more so if so much of the surrounding brush weren’t so high, blocking much of the view.


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