(Sometimes Humorous) Thai Massage

Gotta click on photos to get the full experience! 

Don’t miss the fish towards the end…  😉


Tues. Oct. 2nd – Bangkok – We went to a Thai mall…one of those malls where the price was right.  Koji was searching for a foot massage shop, and find one, we did!

Nope…my feet weren’t smelly…they washed them first.

Koji and I sat next to each other among a row of lounge chairs and settled into a foot massage.  It was so relaxing and felt so good, we signed up for an additional body massage after that.  Total time was 1.5 hrs. each.  Total rate was $33 for two!

Wed. Oct 3rd – Bangkok – “Authentic” Thai Massage for 1.5 hrs. each.   Koji and I lay on floor mats side-by-side in a private room.  A woman worked on me and a man, on Koji.  We were fully clothed.  (…meaning, Koji and I were fully clothed)  (…of course the therapists were fully clothed, too.)  😉   My therapist climbed over me, next to me, and sometimes even SAT on me, as she pounded my muscles to a pulp.  She bent and twisted my body as far as it would go – like a pretzel – and found all sorts of aching muscles I didn’t even know existed.  I can’t believe anyone older than I could take such a beating!  You can be sure that this is the type of massage where you won’t fall asleep.  It IS the type of massage, however, where you’d better know how to BREATHE when they’re really digging in.  Once the session was over, though, I felt fantastic.  Trust me…   🙂  KOJI:  I call it “Lazy Yoga,” as the masseur does all the work for you.

Fri. Oct. 5th – Koh Phi Phi – Lo Mi Hawaiian-Style Massage – one hour – free with hotel package.  JANE:  We climbed many stairs to reach the spa, which was in a thatched roof open building higher up the hill from the resort, surrounded by a jungle-like forest.  All the green cools down the hot, humidity.  Koji and I were escorted into two separate rooms to take off all of our clothing and put on bathrobes.  Koji was allowed to wear his underwear;  I had to put on a disposable thong.  Next, they led us up many more stairs into one room with two massage tables.  Our therapists asked if we wanted “strong,” “medium,” or “light.”  We both said strong.  (ouch!  my calves!)  Today’s massage was much more relaxing than yesterday’s, but still, not enough to be able to fall asleep.  When on our bellies, there was a hole in the headrest so you could see a beautiful flower arrangement on the floor.  Our therapists also massaged our FRONTS!  Fine for Koji, but I felt rather self-conscious.  Luckily they massaged around the edge of the breasts, but I was feeling nervous for a while there.  Also, my disposable panties weren’t covering much of anything.  Made it hard for me to let go and relax, modest creature that I am.  The session ended with a yummy cup of jasmine tea with honey.

Sat. Oct. 6th – Koh Phi Phi – Foot massages on beach.  Koji and I were on tables next to each other under an open awning, where we could feel the ocean breeze and listen to the sound of the waves while we watched two geckos chasing each other under the thatched roof above our heads.  The massage therapists rubbed our muscles with a menthol salve, which felt great and smelled delightful.  Koji’s masseuse raised her arms and held on to a pole attached to the roof so she could balance herself while she walked on his thighs.  The therapists climbed up on our low massage tables – better for body mechanics, using body weight.  My achilles tendons and left calf muscles are TIGHT.  Ouch!

Sun. Oct. 7th – Ao Nang Beach – Want to clean your feet?  Want your feet to feel refreshed in hot weather?  Check this out!!!

Hmmm…. OK……. If they say so……
Always good to know!

Tickles at first. Then, you get used to it. Feet, courtesy of Koji and Jane.

Sun. Oct. 7th – Bangkok Airport – foot and body massage – 11:00 p.m.   Koji’s therapist was as fantastic as mine was a nightmare.  Have you ever had a massage from someone when you couldn’t wait for them to stop?  And we had each booked for 1.5 hours.  NO!  My masseuse never got in to the muscles.  She insisted on pulling my toes until the joints cracked; I felt like she injured my left big toe (which ended up being OK after all).  She disappeared in the middle of my session.  I saw her coughing, drinking water, and blowing her nose across the room.  When she came back, she kept on sniffing because her nose was running.  I even caught her rubbing the back of her hand under her nose.  YUCK!  Once in a while you can get a masseuse who doesn’t come close to having THE touch, and this woman was such a person.  NASTY!   When she finished with my left foot, she wrapped it so tightly in a towel, my big toe hurt even more.  She repeatedly pressed way too hard, however, on the trigger points in front of my upper right arm where it meets the torso…where all the nerves come together.  OUCH!  (Did I say “ouch?”)  😦   She kept chatting the entire time and looking all around the room.  When she worked on my back, she had me lean forward on some pillows.  She insisted that I lie with my head in one direction, but my neck felt so lousy, I finally put it the way I wanted…i.e., in a position that was comfortable for me.  Every time she leaned into my back, my groin ligaments hurt, because she wouldn’t give me the time to place my feet in the right position.  I’m glad that Koji didn’t get this therapist.  Needless to say, it was a long, long, long hour and a half. KOJI:   I’m kind of glad that my Mom had the worst massage in the end.  Imagine if it was her first massage of the trip?  She wouldn’t have wanted any more massages for the rest of the vacation!


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  1. Becky Bronson says:

    Really? You let those fish nibble on your feet???????

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