Re-Entry (10/9)

JANE:  These chrysanthemums hadn’t bloomed before I left for the trip…and this is what I came home to.  So nice!  (Don’t forget to click on the photo.)

Autumn has arrived in Massachusetts. Deck mums at 17-2.

Chico, my 12.5-yr-old black (greying) pug, gave me the longest greeting ever.  Who says that dogs can’t perceive the passage of time?  Roy (who held down the fort while I was gone) (Thank you!!) and Chico picked me up at the Rte. 128 train station, and Chico sat on my lap during the ride home, shaking with excitement and repeatedly licking my face.  He shook so much, I worried that he might have a heart attack.

When we got home, he was indignant that I had to go to the bathroom and shower and that I didn’t cuddle with him immediately on the couch.  He yowled at me and ran around the condo, all excited.

Roy, Chico, and I “camped out” on the living room couches that night.  Gotta cater to Chico.  He settled in under my arm and slept in…happy that his Mommy finally came home!  🙂

I’ve been chilled on and off since my return.  I guess it takes time to re-adjust to temperatures that are 50 degrees lower than what I’ve been used to for the past ten days.

I’ll always be grateful to Maiga, Koji’s wife and my daughter-in-law, who was in her third trimester of pregnancy with their first child, a boy, due in early January.  Maiga stayed behind, not wanting to travel at this time.  We sure missed her on the trip.  And it was so gracious of her to share Koji with his Mom for these ten days.

I went back to work two days after I returned.  One of my yoga students said that whenever she travels, she finds it hard to do her daily practice, and asked whether I was able to practice poses on my trip.  It really wasn’t possible to maintain a regular practice…we spent so much time in transit, and our days were chock full of adventures.  I told my student that here and there, I found a chair that would work for some chair poses, and I managed to do a lunge (albeit it uncomfortably) without the blocks I need.  But, basically…yoga is not only about practicing asana (poses).   I did a lot of yogic breathing.  Meditation is also easy to do.  And even more, I like to look at the experience — being absorbed in the smells, the sounds, nature, the people — as another way to keep “open.”  This includes the opportunity I had to spend so much time with my son.  Young adults nowadays are often too busy to spend time with their parents.  (Or maybe they don’t even want to.)  Yet, your children will always be your children, even when they are adults, married and having children of their own.  And we mothers still have our motherly instincts, even though our roles have shifted.  I can tell you for sure that this trip was one of the happiest times in my life.  And I can’t thank Koji enough for being such a sweetheart.

KOJI:  You are WELCOME!  I really enjoyed unwinding and seeing a few corners of the world with my Mom.  I’m glad she was able to deal with the challenging itinerary, and her enthusiasm for creating such a thorough and entertaining blog reinforces the idea that taking her on this trip was totally worth it.  It is nice to give, but it is also very nice to feel so appreciated as well.


2 Responses to Re-Entry (10/9)

  1. Beth Miller says:

    How wonderful that you two got this time and experience together.

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