Maya Adventure – (10/5)

Please be sure and click on photos to enjoy the beauty of this area even more.

JANE:  Our plans to start this boat tour to Maya Bay, Phi Phi Lay, at 8:00 a.m. were postponed because of stormy wind and rain.  Mr. Pi, our tour guide, looked up at the sky, noticed how fast the clouds were moving, and said the bad weather would be over by 8:30, and we could leave then.  He was right.

The saying, “In New England, all you have to do is blink your eyes, and the weather will change” is even more of a reality on Koh Pi Pi.

Ten minutes before the storm, the heat was oppressive.  You couldn’t sweep the flies away from your breakfast if you tried.  The wind and clouds cooled us down, not to mention getting rid of the pesky flies.

The tide was low when it was time to board the boat, so we had to walk through the water to get on it.  Thirteen people climbed aboard:  a family of four from Australia with their German nanny, a couple from Spain, a nondescript couple who remained to themselves, another couple who were making out the entire trip in the bow of the boat (a Canadian woman with her younger, Australian boyfriend), Koji, and me.

(BTW, people on this trip remarked that Koji and I didn’t look alike at all, so we were quick to clarify that we were mother and son because we didn’t want them to think that I was an older woman with my boy toy.)  😉   KOJI:  Although the older woman with a boy-toy seemed to be a very common occurrence…

JANE:  We ended up befriending the family from Australia.  Dad (57), a plastic surgeon; Mom (42), runs her husband’s office, is studying real estate/properties, originally from Italy; son William (8); and daughter Scarlet (5).  Their German nanny was a sweetheart but wasn’t very interested in caring for her charges – perhaps she was on vacation on this trip?  William was a precocious boy, full of endless questions and comments on life.  He told me that he knew where babies came from and that boys’ anatomy was different from girls’.

William, arriving at breakfast before his parents, was quick to add tons of sugar on his cereal before they got there.

So, back to the boat trip.  We rode on a speed boat, flying and bumping hard and heavy on the waves.  The Australian woman was screaming from fear.  Of course, William was up in the bow, thrilled with the adventure.   The water was too rough to be able to take the boat to the cove we wanted to visit, so we pulled up on the other side as close to the shore as possible (steep rocks jutting out of the ocean with some stairs leading up to level ground that led to the cove).  Mr. Pi, our guide, asked if we could swim.  All of us could.  So we swam from the boat to the stairs.  The current was strong, and the waves slapped us around as we tried to grab on to one of the stairs by the edge of the water to pull ourselves up.  Mr. Pi swam with William and Scarlet, both wearing life jackets.  What an amazing experience this must have been for such young children!!

We climbed the stairs and walked about a quarter of a mile to the lagoon.  (The 2000 movie, “The Beach,” starring Leonardo Di Caprio, was filmed here.)

Rock formations in the area were aplenty: (Check out the “Nature” category on this blog for more photos of the lagoon.)

Next, we went to a more secluded area, with fewer tour boats, to snorkel.  It took me a while to get the hang of it.  What a joy it was to see all the colorful tropical fish!

This tour would not have been complete without boating to another cove filled with monkeys.  (You can see more photos of these guys in the “Animals” category.)  Mr. Pi fed them watermelon, left over from our lunch.  He wouldn’t allow us to get off the boat and feed the monkeys because they were too unpredictable, especially since they were so hungry, and could get angry and nasty in an instant, which they actually did at one point as one group screeched and hollered, running up a cliff and into the brush.

We were actually able to snorkel in three different areas.  Lots of variety of colorful ocean life, lots of swimming in warm, clean, deep blue water…


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