Sundowner-Dune Dinner Safari – Dubai (9/30)

Please click on photos to enlarge them for a much better perspective.

JANE:  At 4:00 p.m. today, we boarded another tour bus for a safari through the desert.  I noticed a roll bar inside the roof of our jeep.  And it’s no wonder there was one, because just as we drove in to the Reserve, the driver let most of the air out of the tires.  Have I set the stage enough for you to guess why?  It makes it easier to drive through the sandy desert…full of 20-foot (!) sand dunes.

Hmmm….why do we need roll bars in the car?

Next, we watched a falcon show in the middle of the desert:

The show is about to begin…

Mr. Falcon is soaring above while his trainer swings around some raw quail meat to tempt him to return.

Continuing the temptation…

Good boy. He came home. Hope he enjoys entertaining tourists. If nothing else, he gets plenty of food and lots of love from his trainer…

We just made it in time to the spot for sunset photography.  It was impressive how this safari was timed so perfectly.  KOJI:  It was amazing the speed at which the sun set.  We barely had enough time to get pictures in.

JANE:  A couple of other jeeps got stuck on the top of the highest dunes.  At the end of this roller coaster ride, we rode a camel with me in front and Koji and the back of the same camel.  “Lean back, lean back!” shouted a guy from the sidelines as the camel stood up once we had climbed aboard.  His body jerked like a slinky while moving from lying down to standing position, and the back of my head whacked Koji in the face.  He said he was fine, and it was nothing compared to how much he gets beat up during Jujitsu workouts.

Koji kept making a jerking breath while riding the camel; he said he felt as if he were getting punched in the solar plexus.  Not so for me in the front seat.

We ate dinner in the desert, smoked shisha, got henna tattooed (Koji, a scorpion, and me, a cobra),

and watched a belly dancer.  Maybe I’ll take up belly dancing when I get home… KOJI: For the henna tattoos, we had to keep the ink on our skin for 30 mins, after which we could remove the dried clumps.  Our tattoos lasted the rest of our trip.  Shisha, basically, is flavored tobacco filtered through water, which makes it slightly less harsh on the throat.

Koji smokin’ shisha.

Yahooo!!! Belly dancing!!!


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