A New Dawn Tour – Dubai (9/30)

Click on photos to get the full effect.

JANE:  Off on our first tour.  You’ll notice photos of us holding the Concord Journal, on occasion.  This is because we were trying to get a good shot to submit to my local newspaper.  People submit such pictures regularly when they go on vacation.

Skyscrapers in Dubai are built in all sorts of unusual shapes:

Touring the Marina:

And the Aquarium in Dubailand, which will be twice the size of Disney World in Florida, once construction is completed in 2020:

We were wondering why our tour guide kept us so LONG in Dubailand.  Maybe so we’d have a chance to take such profound photos?

Our tour guide was from Majorca.  She spoke fluent German and English, and several years previous, she had led tours for four years in Germany.

Our tour guide

After the tour, we walked around the Dubai Mall.

Lunch after today’s tour:  tabouli, baba ganoush, pita bread, and Koji had lamb with hummus.


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