Zeavola Resort – Koh Phi Phi – (Oct 4-7)

Please click on photos to enlarge them and enjoy the full effect.

JANE: On the way to the resort by boat:

What an idyllic resort!  Thatched roof, porch, comfy bedroom, shower separate from toilet with plenty of space by the bathroom sink.  TV.  WiFi.  Luxury personified.  First two photos are just outside our hut:

And this next photo is of our beach:

This resort had a swimming pool, no less.  Koji and I enjoyed an occasional swim, once sitting on inner tubes like kids, followed by resting on comfortable double lounge chairs, where two people can sit side-by-side with triangular pillows for comfortable back support, under an umbrella to shield the HOT sun…the perfect situation for reading or knitting…

Whenever we sat by the pool, a Chinese (?) mother and son, about nine yrs. old, swam laps.  Both donned wetsuits; why?  …I wouldn’t know.  KOJI:  I think it was because of an obsession to not let the sun’s rays tan their skin.  Unlike in the US, where tanned skin is desirable, much of Asia still has the mentality that fairer skin is desirable and dark skin is that of manual laborers who spend time in the sun.  JANE:  Mother was gently pushing son to swim laps.  (Is this a relaxing vacation for them?)  They spoke a combination of Chinese and English.  I wondered where they were from.  Dad (overweight) lounged and read while Mom and boy pushed and pursued.

I noticed that the beginning scuba diving lessons were taught in the pool.  Makes good sense.

First night there, I knit on the beach, sipping a (very weak) pina colada, while Koji crashed.  (Not to worry, dear readers, the cocktails here are very weak.  But that’s OK because they are made with delectable, juicy fresh fruit, and it’s so HOT here, too much alcohol would make you feel miserable.)

It takes time to get used to the concept of slowing down.  When the sun goes down, lights in your room are dim.  Nothing is on T.V.   When it rains buckets, plans have to be put on hold…    Love it!!  🙂

The first night I yelled out twice in my sleep during the course of the night.  Koji said I sounded like a rare bird, the sound was so weird.  I think I was weirded out, being in the very location where the tsunami hit eight years ago.  It was hard to block this out of my mind.  KOJI:  I lost one of my friends from NYU to the Tsunami.  She was working for an investment bank in Hong Kong and was vacationing in Koh Phi Phi when the Tsunami hit. She was feeling under the weather so stayed in her room while all her friends were snorkeling on the other side of the island.  The Tsunami came in and swept her away.  I think of her from time-to-time, but this trip to Phi Phi really made me think of her again. She is missed, that’s for sure.

JANE:  The last night at our resort, we enjoyed a seafood BBQ buffet.  On the way back to our hut, we almost stumbled upon a 4-foot snake.   KOJI:  There are some extremely poisonous snakes in the area so I made sure to google the snake when we got back to the hotel.  Luckily it was a common non-venomous green tree snake.  It would have made for a better story if it was poisonous, though!   JANE:  Koji also noticed a gecko on our toilet, who then ran up the wall, and a spider scurrying along our bathroom floor.  Everything is so different.  We are, however, living in a state of luxury.  What did I ever do to deserve this?…when I see how others suffer and struggle so much…


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